Specialty Cars History (1976 - 2009)

Over the last thirty-five plus years of operation, Specialty Cars, Inc. has become known as one of the few shops in the business that can consistently produce quality work at reasonable prices. Historically, the company has been involved in complete car buildups, as well as the fabrication and sale of the parts necessary in the fabrication of hot rods and classic cars.

These parts have included front axle kits, rear four-bar kits, and various tabs, gussets, and other fabrication parts.


Specialty Cars today

As the current owner of Specialty Cars, Inc., John Kuchta is taking the company to a new level while building on its past success. John brings to the foray his metal shaping and precision welding skills, as well as a lifetime spent immersed in the hotrod world. With an eye for detail and finish honed over his years as a master jeweler, he brings a level of fit and finish not frequently seen in the industry.

With the capability to hand form everything from patch panels, hood blisters, and crossmembers to complete fenders, chassis, and everything in between, Specialty Cars, Inc. is truly a one-stop fabrication shop of the highest quality.










Specialty Cars
270 Dale Place ~ Fullerton CA ~ 92833
Phone: (626)378-4684 ~ Email: john@specialtycarsfab.com